About Optalmed

Optalmed, the Company and the People

Optalmed’s dedication to producing high quality surgical instruments is founded on decades of experience.

Optalmed has a constant focus on product improvement and a commitment to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Optalmed’s collaborative work with industry leaders has resulted in products that are innovative and set new standards for performance.

Meet the Team

Leonard Kastrilevich

Leonard Kastrilevich, CEO

  • 1993 – 1995 H.S.I. International, Project Manager
  • 1995 – 1997 H.S.I. International, Marketing Manager
  • 1998 – 2014 President, Co-Founder, Microvision, Inc.
  • 2014,  to present, Founder and President of Optalmed (OPM)

20 + years of success in Design and Production, Conceptual Engineering, Design Control, all aspect of ISO 13485. 20 years of Sales and Marketing in the Ophthalmic Surgical marketplace.

Sam Muchnik

Sam Muchnik, Production Manager & Head of R&D

Sam’s medical device manufacturing career began in 1994 at HS International, where he and Leonard were first introduced to each other. Sam worked his way up from Chief Mechanic to Production Manager at HS International, with a few years venturing off on new projects and opportunities in between. Sam and Leonard reunited when Leonard founded Optalmed, where Sam is currently Production Manager and Head of R&D.

Lana Muchnik

Lana Muchnik, Production Supervisor

Before joining Optalmed, Lana had many years of experience with management in the healthcare industry, starting as a Certified Nurse Assistant in 1994 and ending as a Medical Assistant & Surgical Coordinator in 2015. Her experience during those years provided a solid foundation for her current role as Production Supervisor.

Mary Thai

Mary Thai, Director QA & RA

Mary entered the ophthalmic medical device industry in 2009. Prior to that she was in the law librarianship field. She holds both a Juris Doctor and a Master’s in Library and Information Science, which was unexpectedly relevant and useful for a career in medical device regulatory affairs. Typical of small companies, Mary wears many hats at Optalmed and oversees Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, and Operations.

Aimee Sun

Aimee Sun, Production Specialist

Aimee joined the Optalmed team after 2 years at MID Labs, Inc. as an Assembler. She proved herself to be a welcome addition to the Production team with her efficiency and strong work ethic.

Steven W Smith

Steven W Smith, Project Manager and Consultant

  • 35 years of working for instrumentation companies, in the US and abroad
  • Entered ophthalmic medical device field working with Alcon, engineering, principle projects, Series 10,000 Surgical System vitreous cutter production transfer, 1989 – 2002
  • From 1992 – 2014, MID Labs, Engineering, product development, VP of Sales, Marketing and Business Development
  • Owner Operator Decade Devices Consultancy 2014 to present
  • At OPM, working with Mary Thai, implemented QMS and multiple product Design Controlled Projects, 2014 to present

Deborah Shulman, Office Assistant

Deb has joined the Optalmed team as the Office Assistant after taking a few years off from the workforce to raise her two daughters. Prior to Optalmed, Deb worked in the world of STEM education research and has her PhD in Earth Science.  As Office Assistant, Deb performs administrative and Document Control tasks, such as maintaining authorized documents & logs and ensuring that orders are properly processed.
Benjamin Du

Benjamin Du, Administrative Assistant

Benjamin started as a summer intern during his high school years and is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. He remains a vital member of the Optalmed team, assisting with Document Control activities, such as updating specifications, generating barcoded labels, and processing documents.

Our Culture

We celebrate personal milestones together, because they’re important to all of us.  In the office and remotely, we believe in complete respect for each individual.


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