Vitrectomy Blades

Optalmed Vitrectomy Blade Systems

30 years of technology evolution, with focused core expertise, allow us to produce superior components.

Optalmed Vitrector Blade Sets are available in both single cut and double cut blade configurations with outside diameters of: 20Ga, 23Ga, 25Ga and 27Ga.

Victrectomy blade sets from Optalmed
Vitrectomy blades structure

All sets of inner and outer vitrectomy blades are carefully configured with optimised inner and outer tube sizing to provide longevity of cutting with lowest possible friction coefficient.

Utilizing a unique tube closure process allows Optalmed to locate the cutting port with a location surpassing the industry standard for closeness of the port location from the distal end of the needle.

Vitrectomy blades sizes
Anterior needle set rounded blade option

Optalmed Anterior Vitrector Blade Sets are offered with a rounded tip, with the option for various different end finishes.